Press Statement by Raksha Mantri Raj Nath Singh following India-USA 2+2 Meeting in New Delhi on 27 October 2020

"Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Esper, Dr Jaishankar, Members of Press, Ladies and gentlemen, I thank the Secretaries, their delegations and all members of US media who have travelled to India to meet us amidst the threat of Covid-19 pandemic.


Topekhana and Random Thoughts

By General J.J. Singh (Retd)

Inscription on French canons – Ultime ratio regum (The final arguments of Kings)


Desperate Quad

By Lt. General J.K. Sharma (Retd)

An isolated China attempts fortifying alliances in frustration


Army Chief Calls for Increased Use of Offensive Air Power

In an exclusive interview to Jayant Baranwal, Editor-in-Chief, SP’s Land Forces, the newly-appointed Chief of the Army Staff General Manoj Mukund Naravane stresses that India has enough military options against Pakistan and its proxies without breaching the nuclear threshold


Editor-in-Chief presenting SP’s Military Yearbook to Union Minister for Defence, Mr. Rajnath Singh

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    SPRUT SDM1: The Last Thing Indian Army Needs

    By Lt. General J.K. Sharma (Retd)

    No other country in any part of the world has evinced any interest in the same so far for numerous reasons including major shortcomings like limited armour protection, accuracy and subsequent maintenance and sustenance.

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