L&T - Leading Indigenous Defence Manufacturing Through Significant Investments In R&D

Jayant Patil, Whole-Time Director (Defence, L&T-NxT) & Member of the Board, L&T talks to SP's Land Forces about their commitment to defence manufacturing in India.


Modest 6.8 per cent hike pushes India Defence Budget to $46.5 B

By Vishal Thapar

Defence imports exempted from Customs duty, boosting modernisation kitty by $3.6 B over 5 years; Central Police budget hikes India's security spend by another $14.4 B


US Defence sales to India likely to rise to $18 B in 2019

Ahead of Pompeo visit, State Deptt Fact Sheet says India-US bonds unbreakable, transcend political parties and Presidential administrations


‘We Continue to Enhance our Capacity to Cater to Imminent Security Situations’: COAS

Interaction of Jayant Baranwal, Editor-in-Chief of SP’s Land Forces with the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Bipin Rawat

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Experts Speak

  • Throwing Out The Baby With The Bath Water
    By Lt. General Vijay Oberoi (Retd)

    What is most galling is the surreptitious manner in which the news was made public and the hesitancy of Army Headquarters to openly state that they were the initiators of the move.