Indian Army for upgrade of 2,600 BMPs

By SP's Special Correspondent
Photo Credit : Indian Army

BMPNovember 03, 2014: The Indian Army has declared interest in undertaking a comprehensive upgrade of its BMP-2/2K that effects mobility, fire power and survivability upgrade. The upgrades are to be incorporated in both the existing fleet of BMPs and the ones which are likely to be produced in future. The Army has revealed that approximately 2,600 vehicles (including retro-fitment and new production) are likely to be covered under the new requirement. The upgrade is the most comprehensive effort to modernise the huge number of BMP-2 and 2Ks currently in service, with more in the pipeline. While the onus on the upgrade has been broadly categorized and placed on interested vendors in their preliminary responses, the Army has made some specifics clear as fare as its expectations. For instance, it has asked vendors to state their capability to integrate existing Instant Fire Detection and Suppression System, Environmental Control Unit, Digitized Communication System, Advanced Land Navigation Systems as part of the upgrade. Significantly, the upgrade also envisages a comprehensive armament capability upgrade, including primary weapons and anti-tank guided missile deployment capabilities.