BEML & OFB launches Force Multiplier 155mm 52 CAL Mounted Gun system

Combines High Mobility, All Weather Reinforcement With Accurate Long Range Fire Power

April 13, 2018 Photo(s): By BEML Limited
Shri Deepak Kumar Hota, CMD, BEML Limited & Shri S K Chourasia, DGOF & Chairman OFB jointly unveiling the 155mm 52 CAL Mounted Gun System

OFB and BEML have unveiled its latest product: The 155mm 52 Cal Mounted Gun system at a function held at the ongoing Defexpo 2018 at Chennai jointly by Shri Deepak Kumar Hota, CMD, BEML Limited & Shri S K Chourasia, DGOF & Chairman OFB.

The uniqueness of this project is that it has been completely and independently designed and manufactured by OFB in association with BEML & BEL and is therefore a shining example of ‘Make in India’ - The Theme of Defexpo’18. The Gun is equipped with the state-of-the-art laying system and sighting system such as GPS aided INS, muzzle velocity feeder data management, day and night firing, ballasting computer system capability.

155mm 52 CAL Mounted Gun System

The base vehicle used for the gun system is the BEML-TATRA 8X8 truck with all differential lockable and a powerful 300KW engine, which provides it a power to weight ratio of more than 10KW/ton. This is a high mobility vehicle with independent wheel suspension and swinging half axles to provided enhanced cross-country mobility.

The vehicle has a cruising speed of 80Km/hr on-road and more than 30Km/hr in cross-country and has a cruising range of 1000Km without refueling.

The armament used in the 155mm 52Cal with target equipment capability of approximate 42Kms. The Gun System combines with the advantage of high mobility performance of a truck with accurate long range fire power of a 155mm 52 Cal Gun and with its onboard ammunition storage capability of 18 rounds of HE shells as well as 18 BMCS and 2-6 chargers. It can be automatically deployed in any terrain and can perform a mission independently.

With its high strategic maneuverability in all types of terrain it will serve as an all weather reinforcement for the infantry and will be a present force multiplier for the Indian Artillery.