3rd International Seminar on Artillery Technology

By SP's Correspondent Video(s): By SP Guide Pubns

On 10th and 11th May in New Delhi 3rd International Artillery Seminar was held at India Habitat Centre. The event was organised by CII and Army. In this event various international defence companies such as BAE system, Israeli aerospace industries took part. The main aim of the seminar was to discuss the latest technological developments in the field of artillery. The chief guest for the event was Chief of Indian Army Gen. V.K. Singh. The chief said that various issues will be discussed in this seminar regarding the Indian artillery which has emerged as major arm of the Indian Army. "Artillery became battle winning firepower in Kargil". The latest equipment to be inducted is Brahmos missiles, Smerch, and Pinaka Rocket System which has long range destruction capabilities. For surveillance purpose UAV are also required. He also said that by coming together of CII, DRDO and Indian Artillery the drive for indigenisation can be fuelled by active interaction of all the three premier agencies. The chief also said "there is a huge gap between the Indian artillery and other developed nations artillery and firm steps have to be taken in order to reduce this gap".

Lt. Gen K.R Rao PVSM, AVSM, YSM Director General, Regiment of Artillery said that for the next 15 to 20 years the philosophy of artillery should continue to achieve "destruction" by synergized orchestration of all available fire power resources provided by variety of agencies cutting across the three services based on a joint targeting doctrine, including effective use of "Fourth Dimension". General Rao also said that the futuristic Artillery will be the dominant tactical weapon because it can respond in seconds, land on the targets within minutes can never run out of fuel and can provide smoke cover illuminates targets and suppresses the enemy fire. He also added that futuristic artillery guns should be independent and autonomous firing identities, which are capable of firing their own and should have automatically loading system for the ammonisation.