Eurosatory 2018: BlueBird to reveal a new cargo release capability of the ThunderB UAS for performing precise, surgical missions

At the exhibition, the company will display the ThunderB, a small, long range, long endurance, tactical UAS with the releasable cargo capsules under its wings, as well as the SpyLite Mini-UAS, and the recently-revealed configuration of the MicroB Micro-UAS.

June 4, 2018 Photo(s): By BlueBird Aero Systems

EUROSATORY 2018, June 11-15, Paris, Israel Pavilion, Hall 6, Stand D598

BlueBird Aero Systems - a leader in the design, development and production of Micro, Mini and Small tactical UAS and peripheral equipment –will expose an exceptional Cargo Release Capability of ThunderB UAV at Eurosatory 2018.

According to Ronen Nadir, CEO of BlueBird Aero systems, "We are proud to reveal the new, exciting cargo release capability of the ThunderB UAS at Eurosatory 2018. This remarkable addition is the result of lessons learnt from operational needs required by our operational customers and was designed to extend the capabilities delivered by our field-proven systems. This capability, on board the cost-effective, reliable, high performance ThunderB UAS, enables to perform new missions associated with the modern battlefield, the HLS requirements, as well as with the commercial market."

ThunderB is a small, innovative, long endurance tactical UAS (~30Kg, 4m wing-span) that creates a new niche in the tactical UAS arena providing capabilities previously found only in much larger UAV's usually with weight of above 150Kg.

The ThunderB UAV has the ability to carry small cargo units under each wing, and release the cargo automatically or by a GCS command. The cargo is carried and released by an integrated, electro-mechanical release mechanism. The released cargo is housed in an aerodynamic enclosure (capsule) to reduce the drag to the minimum.

Upon automatic release of the capsule, it will reach the target with high accuracy following a ballistic trajectory. The cargo capsules can also be dropped with the aid of a small parachute to prevent damage to fragile items.

The ThunderB cargo release ability can be used in numerous missions and scenarios such as:

  • Lifesaving search and rescue (S&R) missions where after finding the objective, it is important, as a first response, to provide rescue measures i.e communication device (phone, portable radio, etc), a bottle of water, floating device, etc.
  • Dropping of essential material such as drugs in an epidemic situation
  • Scattering small ground intelligence sensors to achieve wide ground coverage

The ThunderB supports a wide range of optional payloads including a triple sensor, three-gimbal gyro-stabilized payload, with a Cooled thermal imager, HD day color camera and Laser Pointer and BlueBird's RGB, NIR and Radiometric photogrammetric payloads. The ThunderB can also be integrated with other payloads such as non-imaging payloads, small SAR and others.


With its long endurance capability (up to 24 hours), its extended control range (150Km), and its variety of optional payloads, the ThunderB is an ideal solution for long, covert, low signatures ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) and/or tactical mapping on demand (TMOD) missions.

Additional Platforms to be displayed at Eurosatory;

SpyLite is a mature, advanced, combat-proven, extended performance electric Mini-UAS, optimized to provide covert, "over-the-hill" or extended range real-time visual intelligence. SpyLite is unique in its ability to fly even in strong winds and on cloudy or rainy days, assuring high operational availability for up to 4 hours and a communication range of up to 80 km. The SpyLite system can be configured to back-packed, vehicle-mounted or HQ stationary configurations.

Fully autonomous, from launch to recovery, the system delivers high reliability with ease of use, providing a very versatile and stable ISR platform. Combining a stabilized color (Full HD 1080i) and IR payloads with proprietary ground exploitation software - the SpyLite allows for GPS-marked imagery to be relayed in real time to the ground station. This capability delivers enhanced situational awareness, contributing substantially to the success of the mission.

The MicroB is an advanced Micro-UAS. Weighing approximately 2Kg, it creates a new niche in the UAS arena providing unprecedented Mini-UAV capabilities in a Micro-UAV form factor, while maintaining its very competitive and affordable price. The MicroB is designed for full autonomous operation, unmatched ease-of-use, and high maintainability. Equipped with a gimbaled and stabilized dual EO/IR payloads, the MicroB can be autonomously launched from its hand-held launcher within seconds - even in a crowded urban environment, providing high quality video and images, with GIS information and automatic target tracking.