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Xaver 800 A Unique Technology
SOURCE: http://www.camero-tech.com/xaver800.shtml

Israeli company Camero has developed The Xaver 800 which provides 'Through-Wall Vision' to change the dynamics of your urban operation. With the Xaver 800 you can rapidly and reliably observe one or more people in a room and continuously monitor their activities while positioned outside the room's walls.

The Xaver 800 was developed in close co-operation with leading individuals and agencies from the Military, Law Enforcement and Fire & Rescue communities. Whether protecting the lives of operatives entering unknown or potentially hostile situations, or playing a vital role in rescue operations, Xaver puts you in control of the situation and allows you to 'Step into the known'.

Xaver 800 Technology

The Xaver 800 utilizes a cutting-edge system architecture encompassing multiple technical disciplines. A patented approach was developed to better deal with cluttered environments and to comply with requirements for improved resolution and intuitive imaging. Rapid interpretation of complex scenarios is possible as a result of extensive research and development of proprietary 3D image reconstruction algorithms used in conjunction with sophisticated, patented signal processing techniques. A unique proprietary Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor design with extremely high bandwidth and a very high dynamic range enables real-time operation and market-leading resolution. A novel and patented mechanical approach was designed for easy use during operation and transportation. Camero's unique solutions use FCC compliant UWB RF signals to generate 3D images of objects concealed by solid barriers such as walls, made from a variety of known materials including cement, plaster, brick, concrete and wood. The Xaver 800's proprietary technology is able to overcome these obstacles while transmitting very low and safe levels of power.

Xaver 800 Features

The Xaver 800 is a portable system whose unique mechanical design with folding 'wings' allows compact and easy transport. Its operation is simple and intuitive and does not require extensive training.

Rich 3D imaging brings the scenario to life and allows easily understandable viewing from multiple angles. These unique features provide the user with crucial information from "beyond the wall', enabling highly-efficient planning of life-saving operations. The Xaver 800 also offers a number of flexible options, including using the system at a stand-off from the wall and remotely locating the sensor at a distance of more than 100 feet from the operator.

The system is very safe to use and operates on very low power signals: Total energy transmitted is a small fraction of that emitted by a standard cellular phone.



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