Delay in the formulation of Theatre Commands

June 19, 2021 Photo(s): By PIB
Integration of the Armed forces under the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is facing teething problems

Theatre Commands, Integrated Air Defence Command and Maritime Theatre Command were to be formulated after the fructifying of the appointment of the Chief of Defence Staff. Subsequently there was a case for establishing a common Logistic Command. After finalising the details, the case was to be put up to the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS). However after the final presentation, objections were raised by the Indian Air Force regarding their limited air power resources to be distributed among the three theatre commands and the Maritime Theatre Command. Similarly the Indian Coast Guard, amphibious infantry brigades and some air elements will go under the Maritime Theatre Command. Also elements of the Central Police Forces will come under the Theatre Commands. Then there will be the question of seniority between the C-in-Cs of Theatre Commands and the existing higher level structure.

To resolve these issues another committee has been formed on June 18, 2021, consisting of the three Vice Chiefs, Chief of the Integrated Defence Staff and representatives of all stake holders including the MHA. The aim will be to have a wider consultation and crease out the differences before the final paper is put up to the CCS for approval.