Issue 1 - 2022 By Jayant Baranwal, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

The lead article is an extensive interaction with General M.M. Naravane, Chief of the Army Staff in which he covers a very wide spectrum of issues from strategical, operational & tactical environment facing the Army to its forces restructure, modernisation, technology absorption & adaption. He said that Army continues to face challenges across the spectrum of conflict and is improving its capability and operational readiness to meet them. He highlighted the development of Cyber, Space and Strategic Communications as an “Undeniable Requirement.”

In the talks, General Naravane emphasised that the modernisation of Indian Army has been undertaken across the entire spectrum and all issues as related to NCW are being addressed in a holistic manner. The Indian Army is at the cusp of adapting itself well to undertake Multi Domain Operations (MDO) with net-centricity at its heart. Looking at the contours of future warfare, Artificial Intelligence will have a dominant role and all future procurements and upgrades by us will incorporate AI, wherever feasible. Indian Army is also exploring military applications of 5G technology that have vital strategic and battlefield implications. Certain niche projects are in advanced stages of development. With DRDO, numerous projects are underway which will deliver contemporary weapon systems and technologies. He goes on to give an overview of the state of readiness on India’s borders & internal security and admits that modernisation is a complex and dynamic process, impacted by operational dynamics, emerging technologies and budgetary support.

There is write up on the new defence budget where Lt General J.K. Sharma, the author, states that the overall defence spending is not only discouraging but rather dismal. The MoD expenditure now comprises 2.02 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product -down from 2.22 per cent in FY2020 – and 13.3 per cent of Central Government expenditure, down from 16.7 per cent. He then analyses the defence allocations. This issue just about wraps up with a peep into the contours of the Army in the future in which Lt General Pradeep Bali exhorts that the future for the Indian army lies in winning India’s wars with Indian solutions. A laudable aim!

Happy reading you discerning readers!