Army to make MMGs night-capable

Issue: 1 / 2015 By SP's Special Correspondent January 28, 2015

The Indian Army is looking to procure thermal imaging sights for its 7.62mm medium machine guns in service. The Army has stipulated that, "The Thermal Imaging Sight desired by the Infantry should be a light weight and ruggedized device to enable accurate engagement of human target by use of 7.62 mm Medium Machine Gun at night / hours of darkness /poor visibility at an effective range - 1800 meters." Interested vendors have been called upon to specify the technology of Thermal Imaging Sight meeting the requirement for the 7.62 mm MAG-58 2A1 Medium Machine Gun, the FPA and pitch of the detector being offered, whether the sight has been provided with Optical magnification or Digital zoom alongwith the corresponding Field of View of the Thermal Imaging Sight in Azimuth (Horizontal) and Elevation (Vertical), Specify Detection, Recognition and Identification ranges varying from clear night conditions to pitch dark conditions and adverse weather conditions (specify adverse weather conditions). Also, specify the interpretation of Detection, Recognition and Identification ranges in relation to the type of target, and type of controls that will be made available on the Thermal Imaging Sight for user application in operations.