DRDO for partnership to develop active protection systems

By SP's Special Correspondent
Photo Credit: MOD

January 28, 2015: The DRDO's Combat Vehicles R&D Establishment (CVRDE) near Chennai is looking for a partner to co-develop active protection systems for armoured fighting vehicles developed and under development to provide the best posible protection to tanks and crew against a wide spectrum of threats including rocket propelled grenade (RPG), anti-tank grenades, HEAT, HESH, CE, KE rounds and advanced ATGMs. The lab has stipulated that the system should have fully automated detection, identification, tracking and neutralization of incoming threat, and must include a sensor suite, control system, set of protective ammuniton & launcher, launcher activation unit and display. The system should be able to engage threats from 50 to 150 metres and be capable of quick reaction neutralise incoming threats before 50 metres. The system should be able to intercept targets accurately when the armoured vehicle is in both static and dynamic conditions, should be safe for nearby troops and issue audio/visual warning during activation of counter measures, should have protection against accidental activation of the explosive charges due to small arms firing, artillery splinters or flares and other objects. Importantly, the system should have simultaneous multidirectional multiple threat detection and neutralisation capability with very high hit probability (95%) and should provide 360 degree hemispherical protection coverage. The active protection system will be used on the Arjun tank series, T-90S and armoured personnel carriers under development.