Indian Army for large-scale mapping project

Issue: 2 / 2015 By SP's Special Correspondent January 28, 2015

The Indian Army's Military Survey (GSGS) is planning to map certain areas of the country on large scale. As a test bed three areas have been selected for large scale mapping. All the areas are required to be mapped using latest digital mapping techniques, including GIS creation. The mapping of the areas as a pilot project is with the aim to evaluate various modern techniques/technology and resources available for large scale mapping and GIS creation as also to also assess the capability of Indian industry in large scale mapping (including GIS creation) with and without ground control points and ground visits. Two of these areas would be of approx. size 100km x 50km each and the third area is 25km x 25km in size. Area-1 (100km x 50km) and Area-3 (25km x 25km) are in general area Mahajan (Rajasthan). These have flat terrain. Vendor will be allowed to visit Area-1for control point provision, ground verification and attribute date collection. Area-2 (100km x 50km) is in general area Devlali (Maharashtra). It has undulating terrain. Interested vendors, looking to respond to the Army's requirement, will not be allowed to visit Area 2 & 3 for any kind of mapping activity. No particular scale has been assigned for the project. However, all details as available from sub-metre resolution satellite imageries are to be picked up. The project will be executed (other than field activities of Area-1) at ADMC, Bangalore. The air-conditioned space will be provided. However, all other infrastructure required for the execution of the project will be established by the vendor at ADMC, as per the existing security policies of Indian Army.