Indian Army looking for Ultra-Light Recovery Vehicles

Issue: 2 / 2015 By SP's Special Correspondent April 6, 2015

The Indian Army is planning to procure Ultra Light Recovery Vehicles (Short chassis) recovery vehicles to provide repair and recovery cover in mountains to all wheeled vehicles up to a gross vehicle weight of 6 tons. The Army has stipulated it requires vehicles with a minimum range of 700 km on road and 500 km in mountains with top speed of at least 80 km and 30 km respectively. The vehicles will need to be capable of unprepared fording up to 760 mm with a ground clearance of 320mm. The ULRV will need to be road and rail transportable, and sport a lifespan of 2,50,000 km or 15 years whichever is earlier. Vendors need to field vehicles with turbocharged diesel engine with minimum power to weight ratio of 20:1, sporting a cold starting device fitted for ease of starting in extreme cold climate. The ULRVs need to be capable of performing their intended role at altitudes of upto 17,500 ft above sea level, and operating in all terrain and climatic conditions prevalent in the country. The Army has also stipulated that vendors need to specify if they are ready to transfer 100% technology alongwith design blue prints for main equipment and its constituents (to include the outsourced components and spares if any), and if not, clearly specify the details of the restrictions.