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Technology Vision 2035 – what about defence?

The Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) under the Ministry of Science & Technology has come out with 'Technology Vision 2035,' identifying the challenges ahead and how they can be dealt...
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Pakistan – no change in terror proliferation

With reference to Pakistani involvement in the terrorist strike on Pathankot IAF base on January 1, Home Minister Rajnath Singh had stated that there is no reason to doubt Pakistani cooperation in the probe.
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Terrorist Attack at Pathankot

For Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the latest terrorist attack at Pathankot has emerged as a major challenge to his initiative to revive dialogue with Pakistan.
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Modi’s Lahore Surprise – future portends?

The surprise sprung by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his hitherto unannounced visit to Lahore was received with shock an awe at home – first reports coming in that Modi will be hosted by Nawaz Sharif...
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MoD – “bad” is putting it mildly

Media recently ran a headline titled ‘The ministry of defence is a bad organization with no accountability’: Gen V P Malik’, publishing an interview with the former Army Chief.
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Critical Skies – anyone bothered?

Close on the warning last year by the BJP MP Maj Gen BC Khanduri led Parliamentary Committee for Defence that the situation of the equipping...
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Abe’s Visit – special strategic partnership goes more special

The strategic significance of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to India comes not because it is in the following year as Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Japan, but also since Japan is a vital anchor for India’s...
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Heart of Asia – will Pakistan withdraw the knife?

The ‘Heart of Asia’ conference in Islamabad was the fifth in the series of ministerial level meetings that have been ongoing since 2011, in continuation of the ‘Istanbul Process’.
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Indo-Russian Bonds – remain strong

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Russia later in the month to attend the annual India-Russia Summit. Indo-Russian strategic partnership goes much beyond mere sale-purchase of military hardware, remaining strong...
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Indo-Pak Dialogue – is Pakistani military on board?

The breakthrough in Indo-Pak relations in Islamabad recently is a welcome step close on the heels of the NSAs of the two countries in Bangkok. It may be recalled that Prime Minister Modi had invited all heads of SAARC nations, including PM Nawaz Sharif, for swearing in of his government last year.
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Lessons from 26/11 – what have we learned?

Many would question what have we learned from the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks that created Mayhem and created national uproar in 2008?
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Airstrikes on ISIS

The world must acknowledge that ISIS may have 14th century ideology but it has access to technology and weaponry of the current century.
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Nishant Dumped Finally – when will we privatise?

Yet another failed crash landing of DRDO’s Nishant UAV shows the dismal state of the governmental defence-industrial complex.
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Terror Strikes Paris Again – worst ever

A state of emergency has been declared in France following multiple terror attacks on November 13. This was the second terror attack in Paris this year, previous one being the January attack at Charlie Hebdo.
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PM Modi’s UK Visit

With 1.4 million Indian origin Britons ready to welcome PM Modi and the need for PM David Cameron to woo them, the stage was already set for a successful UK visit by Modi. Before the visit, British media spoke of informed political calculations and the ruling Conservatives extended a hand of friendship...
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FDI in Defence – ease of business?

On November 10, the government announced a host of measures to ease business along with FDI reforms in 15 sectors including defence, stating that FDI bids worth up to 49% of equity will now progress through the so-called "automatic route".
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FDI in the Indian Defence Industry

The major global investors seeking to make large investments in the defence sector, are unlikely to find the change to be a significant departure from the past.
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Border Protoclols – can they be effective

After the aborted NSA level India-Pakistan talks, the three day Director General talks between the Border Security Force and Pakistani Rangers...
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UCAV Race in Subcontinent

Pakistan's army spokesman announced on September 7 that Pakistan’s indigenous Burraq armed drone was used to hit a terrorist compound in Shawai Valley killing three high profile targets.
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Fifth Joint India – China Counter Terrorism Exercise

The fifth joint counter terrorism exercise by troops of the Indian Army and China’s PLA got underway on 12 October 2015. The exercise termed "Hand-in-Hand 2015" will terminate on 23 October 2015. This time the exercise is being held in Kunming in China.
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A National War Memorial in India

The clamour for a national war memorial from the armed forces and even non government bodies has been fairly loud in the past decade or so. This is especially noteworthy because in the past 67 years since independence, the Indian Armed forces have been constantly involved in military operations...
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Chinese Incursions in Indian Territory

China is in illegal occupation of 38,000 square kilometres of Indian Territory in Ladakh mainly Aksai Chin and Shaksgam Valley. Chinese claim lines have also been expanding over the years.
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Fencing Borders

By all indications Pakistan is hell bent to increase terrorist attacks in India and make all out efforts to continue infiltrations both through the LoC and IB sectors.
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Babus all the Way – woes of India’s security

That the defence of India has remained in a defunct state is no secret, with hundreds of articles and reams of reports by studies, committees and what have you.
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PM’s UAE Visit

As far back as October 2011, HSBC had predicted that India would leap over China as UAE’s top trading partner by 2025 with bilateral trade touching US$ 103.6 billion.
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New Tri-Service Commands – how effective will they be?

As per media reports, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on August 19 has directed HQ IDS to "work out and fine-tune" the "basic structures" for the Cyber, Aerospace and Special Operations Commands.
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NSA Talks – that went Kaput

The Hindi idiom ‘Gadhe ko Dho Dho Kar Ghora Nahin Banaya Ja Sakta’ (a donkey can’t be turned into a horse through repeated washes) fits very aptly to the Pakistani military sponsoring terror. In follow up to the Ufa talks, India had proposed the India-Pakistan NSA level talks on 23-24 August.
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Hacker-quadcopter – new threats emerging

As if the threat of terrorist attacks using drones was not enough, a new threat of hacking and cyber attacks through drones has emerged on the horizon.
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Radicals realigning in Af-Pak

It is interesting to watch the realignment of radical organizations in the Af-Pak region, not that this has not been happening elsewhere. Pakistan’s military of course is adept in such orchestrations with the ISI (100 percent military) linked with some 14 major terrorist organizations globally, particularly of South Asia.
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Defence and Semiconductors

Unlike the Chalta Hai attitude of its predecessors, it is credit to the present government that concerns have been expressed about security risks posed by the use of imported chips; IC or microchip or a semiconductor...
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New DPP – what should be its contours?

The country, most prominently the private defence manufacturers await the new DPP with baited breath. The 10-member committee appointed by MoD was to submit its report on July 31.
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HUMINT, TECHINT – and national security

Why India has had dearth of intelligence at all levels was best described by former Joint Director IB, MK Dhar in his book ‘Open Secrets – India’s intelligence unveiled’ published in 2005 wherein he wrote that irrespective of which government was in power, the compete intelligence set up was focused on how to do down...
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Victory at Haji Pir – 50 years gone

Though many heroic battles were fought during the 1947-1948 Indo-Pak War by Indian troops hastily inducted into J&K...
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Naga Accord – and northeast peace

The recent peace pact undoubtedly is a welcome initiative by the Modi Government but at present this peace pact is only a framework agreement that lays the ground for further negotiations.
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Gurdaspur Terror Attack – go beyond sterile sabre rattling

The ease with which Pakistani terrorists struck in Dinanagar in Gurdaspur 10 kms deep inside India is just one more of the hundreds of terror strikes that Pakistan has managed successfully with just using 3-4 of its rabid spawns.
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Army AD – Revalidating Validity?

The DAC recently cleared pending projects worth Rs 30,000 crores including warship combat management systems, artillery bi-modular charge systems, multi-spectrum camouflage nets, and microlights for NCC cadets.
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HeliNa – helicopter version arrives

At first glance, the name HeliNa appears synonymous with Helena - the devious Greek queen mother in the ongoing TV serial Chakravarty Ashok Samrat.
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Skill Development and Armed Forces

NR Narayan Murthy recently said, “Is there one invention from India that has become a household name in the globe? No such contribution in the last 60 years.”
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Permanent Chairman COSC – a myth of toothless wonder

The media has quoted MoD sources stating on July 21 that the proposal to create the new post of a Permanent Chairman of the COSC was at "an advanced stage of planning" now, albeit the post would have to be ultimately approved...
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Lockheed Martin to Acquire Sikorsky

The acquisition of Sikorsky Aircraft will enable Lockheed Martin to access new markets abroad and add value to its portfolio through enhanced sales in the military segment of its business.
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PM’s CAR visit – plugging the foreign policy deficit

In a recent interview to Rediff.com former NSA Shiv Shankar Menon has accused the Modi government of a western tilt, keeping China and Pakistan guessing and lack of strategic vision.
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Modi-Nawaz Meet – old wine in new bottle

Trust the media to go berserk anytime PM Modi is likely to meet. So it was expected that when they did meet in Ufa, Russia on the sidelines of the BRICS and SCO summits on July 10, the media went overboard declaring...
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