IAI signs a 350$ million Special Mission Aircraft related contract with Major European country

Special Mission Aircraft which are designed and developed in IAI are used primarily for collecting strategic intelligence.

June 8, 2020 Photo(s): By IAI
IAIís Mission Aircrafts

Israel Aerospace Industries has received a 350$ Million Special Mission Aircraft related contract from a major European country. The Contract will be executed by IAIís ELTA Systems, a global leader in the Special Mission Aircraft domain.

IAI delivered Special Mission Aircraft to Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and numerous countries worldwide, and are considered to be strategic assets. IAI is one of a select few companies which have these technology capabilities in-house. IAI achieved a major breakthrough in Special Mission Aircraft thanks to advanced sensor miniaturization technology coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning software applications, allowing high performance business jets to be used as Special Mission Aircraft. Previously, most of the Special Mission Aircraft in the world were based on converted cargo or passenger planes.

IAIís Mission Aircrafts