Rafael unveils the Samson Dual 30mm M230LF

A new Remote Weapon Station with armor protection and under-armor reloading

September 28, 2017 Photo(s): By Rafael

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. unveils the new Samson Dual M230LF RWS

With over 5,400 systems delivered to more than 25 countries worldwide, Rafael's RWSs have been integrated with a wide variety of weapons (7.62 mm up to 40 mm) and sensors, and are adapted to all types of ground vehicles and naval platforms. Rafael's Samson Remote-Controlled Weapon Stations are combat-proven in diverse theatres of operation and climatic regions around the globe.

The new Samson Dual 30 mm M230LF RWS is designed to address the US Army and Marine Corps operational needs, including low-intensity urban conflict, enemy Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and dismounted enemy forces.

The Dual M230LF is imbued with all of the functionality and performance of the Samson RWS Family with significant improvements, including armor protection and under-armor reloading capabilities which boost crew survivability. The Samson Dual M230LF RWS mounts two main and secondary armaments, including a 30 mm M230LF cannon and 7.62 mm Coaxial General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG). This enables the force to effectively close the fire loop with varying degrees of fire-power; from short range dismounted personnel to medium range Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs).

The lethality provided by the Samson Dual M230LF firepower is boosted by its high-precision fire capabilities. The RWS is gyro-stabilized on two axes (elevation and traverse). This feature, supported by sophisticated algorithms, a 3rd Generation Fire Control System (FCS) and automatic target tracker, enables accurate shooting-on-the-move.

The Samson Dual M230LF low-silhouette design and RWS "shell-shaped" armor protection can easily accommodate protective armor ranging from STANAG Level 1 to 4 and reducing in overall platform vulnerability on the battlefield.