Nexter in Czech Republic for IDET Trade Show

Satory May 27, 2019

Nexter, a KNDS company, european leader in land defense, will be present at the IDET Trade Show from May 29 - 31 2019 in Brno, Czech Republic. Architect and system integrator, Nexter will showcase its know-how by proposing solutions that meet the needs of land, naval, air and security forces.

Nexter at IDET

French leader in land defense and partner of security forces, Nexter offers modular, reliable and innovative solutions meeting the operational requirements of its clients. IDET is an important trade show dedicated to defense and security technologies. Numerous delegations, Czech and foreign, visit every 2 year this first class European event. In 2017, 32,828 visitors and 223 journalists came to meet 388 companies from 30 different countries.

Nexter solutions serving Czech Republic

Nexter presents on the KNDS stand a copy of the 8x8 VBCI armored vehicle, equipped with a 40mm turret (T40). It represents the best a wheeled combat vehicle can offer. The field of reconnaissance is also tackled, through a model of the Armored Combat and Reconnaissance Vehicle EBRC-JAGUAR.

Nexter's 6x6 TITUS® armored vehicle is also visible on the CSG stand, equipped with a 20mm ARX®20 turret.

On the artillery side, Nexter showcases a model of CAESAR® 8x8. This version of the 155mm self-propelled artillery gun, which can fire 6 rounds per minute with very high precision, was ordered by the Danish army.

Nexter also exhibits its know-how in turrets. In addition to the T40 mounted on the VBCI, and the 20mm ARX®20 turret on TITUS®, the group presents the RAPIDFire® turret in its land version and the P20 light-duty manual mount, both on 1/5 scale. Air systems are not left out with the presence of models of the POD NC621 gun and the SH20 retractable door mounting for helicopters.

Visitors will also discover the NERVA® robot and its payloads, the FINDEAGLE® mission enhancement kit, the FINDMP® digital system and the FINDART® fire support command and control system, solutions developed thanks to the group's ambitious innovation policy.

Finally, Nexter showcases a wide range of ammunition, ranging from 20mm to 155mm, including the KATANA® smart ammunition.