BAE Systems Unveils Brand New 8x8 Combat Vehicle at Eurosatory

PARIS, France - BAE Systems is launching its latest 8x8 addition to the battle-proven RG range of vehicles at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris. The new vehicle, known as the RG41, is displayed for the first time at Eurosatory.

Source: BAE Systems

According to the Defence Minister of Malaysia Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi his country is expected to a sign a whooping 10.4 billion Malaysian ringgits (more than $3.25 billion) in total during this exhibition. He also said that the Malaysian government is planning to buy new Tanks, Fighters jets, Submarines, and other watercrafts. A two day defence and security conference will be held by the Malaysian defence minister during the exhibition which will run till April 22nd.

The RG41 Wheeled Armoured Combat Vehicle features a unique modular mine protected design and integrated independent suspension and driveline. The vehicle is a cost effective and highly versatile, wheeled combat vehicle suitable for multiple theatres. With a semi-V shaped hull, high payload capacity, class leading turning circle and excellent power-to-weight ratio, the RG41 meets demanding mobility and protection requirements.

The vehicle's unique design means it is easy to maintain and repair in the field. The lower hull structure of the RG41 consists of five modular units joined together and bolted under the top structure of the vehicle. Any damaged modules can be removed and replaced individually with pre-fabricated replacement sections. This task can be completed by second line maintenance in an operational theatre, saving time and money.

"RG41 offers exceptional protection, capability and flexibility. Current conflicts require maintenance and repairs be done in the field and the RG41's unique design allows operators to achieve their missions while maximizing vehicle operational readiness. RG41 represents the ultimate synthesis of combat power and affordability, ideal for conventional and unconventional units," said Dennis Morris, President of BAE Systems Global Tactical Systems.

The RG41 can carry light and medium turrets and direct and indirect-fire weapons. Its design enables easy development for different variants. It can be configured as a command vehicle, section combat vehicle, ambulance, engineering vehicle or customised for various other customer missions.

RG41 basic information

  • Wheels: 8x8
  • Length: 7.78m
  • Width: 2.28m
  • Height: 2.3m
  • Gross mass: 30,000kg
  • Payload: 11,000kg
  • Accommodation: Driver + 10 crew

The RG41 is one of a family of 8x8 vehicles which BAE Systems is involved in designing and developing. Each addresses different operational requirements, price and performance levels across the customer base.