Nexter in Ottawa for Cansec Trade Show

Satory May 27, 2019

Nexter, a KNDS company, european leader in land defense, will be present at the CANSEC Trade Show from May 29 - 31 2019 in Ottawa, Canada. Architect and system integrator, Nexter will showcase its know-how by proposing solutions that meet the needs of land, naval, air and security forces.

Nexter at CANSEC

French leader in land defense and partner of security forces, Nexter offers modular, reliable and innovative solutions meeting the operational requirements of its clients. CANSEC is an annual trade show. It takes place on more than 14,000m², welcomes 296 exhibitors, as well as 40 delegations. It is a privileged event to unveil to the Canadian public Nexter's know-how.

Solutions to Meet Canada's Needs

Proud to have won, with our partners ECA Robotics (France) and Deltic (Canada), the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) contract for the acquisition by Canada of 79 NERVA®-LG robots and 9 NERVA®-XX robots, Nexter presents on CANSEC its complete range of NERVA® robots. These multi-mission robots represent what technology has best to offer in the field. In addition to their extraordinary performances, NERVA® robots are robust and entirely waterproof. They can be deployed on any type of terrain and can also be controlled remotely from any platform (PC, smartphone, tablet). Finally, they have semi-autonomous capacities to lighten operator load.

In addition to NERVA®-LG and NERVA®-XX robots, Nexter visitors will be able to discover a selection from its range of payloads that can be mounted on these multi-mission robots.

On the artillery side, Nexter showcases a model of CAESAR® 8x8. This version of the 155mm self-propelled artillery gun, which can fire 6 rounds per minute with very high precision, was ordered by the Danish army.

Nexter also showcases its wide expertise with a model of its 105LG light artillery gun, a model of the RAPIDFire® turret, a MEHARA mask, and a selection of 40mm and 84mm Carl Gustav ammunition.