Vijay Prahar ends with decisive victory

Month Long Exercise of the Sapta Shakti Command Concludes

May 25, 2018 Photo(s): By Indian Army

Over 25000 troops of the Jaipur based Sapta Shakti Command along with a massive array plethora of modern war fighting equipment including tanks, attack helicopters, drones and fighter aircraft participated in Ex 'VIJAY PRAHAR' in the deserts of Mahajan Field Firing Ranges close to Suratgrah. Lt Gen Cherish Mathson, Army Commander of the Sapta Shakti Command witnessed the final offensive of his forces achieving a decisive victory.

'I had laid out unambiguous scope for activities to be carried out and had also bench marked standards to be achieved and I am fully satisfied with in effort put in and result achieved,' commented the Army Commander while speaking to the press. Gen Mathson further stressed - designing an offensive campaign on the principles of Operational Art in a deep Air-Land battle with real time Intelligence – Surveillance and Reconnaissance using space based surveillance marked the beginning of VIJAY PRAHAR. The concept of AIR CAVALRY employing attack and weaponised helicopters has also been validated. Participating formations are now confident of 'fighting dirty' and continuing the offensive even after a Tactical Nuclear, Chemical or Biological attack by the adversary by our modern CBRN capability. With contemporary 'Just in Time' logistics, our deep thrusts can be sustained effectively. Effective Jointmanship with the Indian Air Force has been validated beyond doubt.

He also complimented the troops who braved the soaring temperatures above 45 degrees and sand storms and achieved a very high degree of proficiency they had set out to achieve.

Nukes in the Battlefield .... So What?

Sapta Shakti Command Gears Up to Fight in Contaminated Battlefield

Display capability of Fighting in NBC Environment

In Ex VIJAY PRAHAR, troops of the Sapta Shakti Command are preapring themselves to fight in all contingencies including a nuclear weapon environment. Troops are told – 'If we have to fight in a contaminated battlefield – we will."

Considering the existing ground realities the Army is gradually gearing itself up to fight and win in the contaminated battle field. A lot equipment and fighting gear is already a part of its inventory. Drills and procedures have evolved over a period of time. In was time to fine tune the drills and assess our capabilities.

As the Ex VIJAY PRAHAR is reaching its culmination, the troops of the Sapta Shakti Command, practiced fighting dirty in a battle field where a nuclear bomb has been exploded by the adversary. Troops practised day in and day out in the scorching heat and blizzards to fine tune the drills and procedures to fight the destroy the enemy in a battle space contaminated by nukes. Although the methods are very different from conventional war fighting , the participating troops were able to achieve a very high degree of coordination through repeated practices and rehearsals.

"We will get them – with the nukes or without them."

Cavalry on Ground --- Now in the sky too

Showcasing Employment of Air Cavalry

Weaponised helicopters, the new offensive platform on the Battle Field, are gradually getting inducted into the Indian Army. Equipped with ultra modern sensors and high precision weapons, these birds allow the ground commanders to act decisively, boldly and offensively. Victory on tomorrow's battlefield will depend a lot on the combined effort of the offensive punch delivered by the cavalry and troops on ground and the weaponised helicopters -the new cavalry in the air. The combined effort, however, requires a very high degree of coordination and continuous upgradation.

To maximise the impact of the two cavalries – the ground tanks and the helicopters, the strike formations of the Sapta Shakti Command rehearsed the offensive manoeuvres involving attack helicopters operating in conjunction with Tanks on ground to deliver and destroy the enemy armour. The manoeuvres requiring a very high degree of precision were practiced and perfected and have left the troops more confident of destroying the enemy armour. With eyes and guns in the air, keeping all the enemy moanoeuvres under observation at all times– the adversary now has nowhere to hide now.

"They can run as much as they want but we will get them", one of the soldiers partipating in the exercise was overheard saying at the end of the practices.

Christened as 'The Air Cavalry' the concept was tried for the firest time in the Sapta Shakti Command during the ongoing Ex VIJAY PRAHAR. The manoeuvre further sharpens the teeth of the forces to deliver punitive blows.

Lt Gen Cherish Mathson, Army Cdr South Western Comd arriving for Witnessing the excercise on T-90 Bhishma
Just in Time Logistics being validated
Special Forces in Action
Lt Gen Cherish Mathson, Army Cdr South Western Comd, Lt Gen Taranjit Singh, GOC 1 Corps & PRO Jaipur during Media Interaction on May 9, 2018
Lt Gen Cherish Mathson, Army Cdr South Western Comd, Lt Gen Taranjit Singh, GOC 1 Corps on T-90 Tank (Bhishma) along with Fmn Cdrs