Eurosatory 2018: Senso-Optics to present its advanced next-generation X-SEE FusIR miniature monoscope with FIR-VIS Fusion

Handheld or helmetmounted, Senso-Optics' X-SEE monoscope is based on proprietary Camera-on-Chip (ASIC) technology, withoutstanding performance

June 4, 2018 Photo(s): Senso-Optics
Senso-Optics X-SEE
Senso-Optics-X-SEE Helmet

Senso-Optics a hi-tech company, specializing in the fields of advanced electro-optic, thermal imaging and target acquisition systems for all-weather conditions and24/7 vision solutions primarily for defense, HLS, search &rescue and other commercial markets.

The companywill present its X-SEEFusIR, a hand-held or helmet-mounted miniature monoscope with VIS-FIR Fusion,at EUROSATORY 2018.

"We are extremely proud to present the new X-SEE FusIRmonoscope, which uses the most advanced technologies to offer outstanding image fusion performance in miniature monoscopes," saysJacob Dagan,President & CEOof Senso-Optics. "The new X-SEE FusIRmonoscopeis based on our proprietary Camera-on-Chip (ASIC) image processor, which generates exceptional image quality with VGA resolution (640x480) within tiny dimensions, weight & power consumption (SWaP). Itoffers the advantages of both VIS & FIR spectrum channels,day and night and in all-weather and environmental conditions (fog, dust, smoke, haze etc.). With X-SEE FusIR's blended fused image, users can now see through glass windows, lights, signs and even colors, which they cannot do with thermal imaging alone."

The X-SEE monoscope weighs only 300g with X1 lens, 400g with X2 lens and 700g withX4 lens, to suit a range of user requirements. It features several fusion modalities, including FIR(thermal-imaging) only, VIS(visual) only, controllable FIR-VIS blending, light source marking, X2 & X4 digital zoom and other features, which can be providedaccording to the client's preference.

X-SEE FusIR is fully compliant with military standards, such as MIL-STD-810and others.