Exercises in the US and Russia

Issue: 4 / 2019

Yudh Abhyas 2019, a battalion level exercise between the Indian and US Armies, commenced at the Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington, US on September 6. Conducted with brigade-level planning, the context of this bilateral exercise is jointly countering threats in a UN Peace Keeping scenario. This is the 15th edition of this exercise series, which has grown in scope and complexity since it started in 2004 as a platoon level engagement. Over 700 troops are taking part in the exercise. The Indian contingent is from the Assam Regiment, while US troops are from their 5-20 Infantry Battalion. At Orenburg in Central Russia, Tsentr-2019 commenced on September 9 as a large scale multilateral exercise involving Russia, China and the Central Asian Republics Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, besides India and Pakistan. TSENTR-2019 has an elaborate agenda and comprises two modules. The first module wi ll include counter-terror operations, repelling air strikes, reconnaissance operations and defensive measures, while the second will focus on offensive operations.