The CIO consortium signs contract for 30 "Freccia" 8x8 Medium Armoured Vehicles

Issue 1 - 2020

The contract for the purchase of 30 "Freccia" 8x8 Medium Armoured Vehicles (5 in Combat version and 25 in Anti-tank version) with ten years integrated logistics support was signed Italy’s General Secretariat of Defence and National Armaments Directorate. The "Freccia" VBM is an 8x8 Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV) of proven reliability in its various versions (Combat, Anti-tank, Mortar Carrier and Command Post). Due to a hull designed to provide maximum protection, a powerful Iveco engine coupled with the traditional H-drive, three steering axles, HITFIST turret with 25 mm cannon and advanced Command, Control and Communications systems by L eonardo, the "Freccia" VBM assures crews excellent mobility, protection and firepower. The contract marks the resumption of the supply of 381 vehicles to the Italian Army.