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July 06, 2013
Technology Perspective & Capability Roadmap 2013

The Integrated Defence Staff has released an updated Technology Perspective & Capability Roadmap 2013, the second in two years, that covers the expansive wish-list of technologies and capabilities that the armed forces intend to acquire either indigenously or from abroad in the course of the next 15 years.
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Indian Army's 15-year land warfare capability roadmap

The Indian Army will see a multi-dimensional modernisation effort going forward, with asset accretion giving it wings, rotors and unprecedented land presence in terms of fresh assets on wheels, tracks.
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India, China discuss joint exercise for October 2013

India and China are in the process of finalising the modalities of their first military joint exercise since 2008 during the ongoing visit of Defence Minister A.K. Antony to Beijing. Both sides have decided to hold a joint exercise in China in October 2013. Both sides have also agreed that the navies and air forces...
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DRDO to expedite production of 16 Nishant UAVs for CRPF

With the Army clearing the indigenous Nishant UAV for an extended 4.5 hour surveillance sortie and things progressing well in the final stages of operationalisation for army operations at the battalion level...
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MBDA's futuristic artillery system, CVS302 HOPLITE unveiled

Drawing a great degree of attention and interest at the Paris Air Show 2013 was MBDA's in-development CVS302 HOPLITE, an indirect precision attack (IPA) capability for land and naval artillery for forces operating in 2035 and beyond.
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India's BMD to work against 5,000 km range missiles too

India's ballistic missile defence (BMD) system, a multi-layered missile system that is capable of intercepting enemy ballistic missiles up to to ranges of 2,000 km, is now steeped in two things: operationalising the existing PAD/AAD...
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Agni IV and V to be inducted in two years

In a first for India's strategic deterrent programme, the DRDO will be working hard to test, operationalise and induct the Agni-IV and Agni-V in to service within the next 24 months. Never before have two missiles with a combined range in excess of 10,000 km been slated for entry into service together...
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July 01, 2013
Indian Army announces mounted gun competition

Following a generic request for information (RFI) issued in August last year, the Indian Army has announced a fresh and more specific request for information to meet the Army's requirement of 814 mounted gun systems—a 155mm/52cal artillery gun mounted on a wheeled vehicle.
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HAL's Dhruv proves mettle in flood operation

Proving its mettle as a supremely flexible and agile platform for humanitarian operations, the indigenous Dhruv helicopter was deployed with a remarkable degree of confidence by the Army Aviation Corps and Indian Air Force in Uttarakhand.
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June 10, 2013
Indian Army for heavy recovery vehicle

The Indian Army is looking to procure an unspecified number of heavy recovery vehicles to recover stalled, overturned or broken down heavy or armoured vehicles of the forces. The Army is looking for a vehicle capable of providing recovery cover for vehicles over 15 tonnes in all terrain (desert, plains, marshy ground...
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May 20, 2013
Turbomeca to power HAL's light copter

After a protracted effort to identify a suitable engine for the in-development light utility helicopter, HAL has finally chosen the Turbomeca 1U Ariden, a close variant of the 1H1 Shakti that powers the ALH Dhruv and light combat helicopter. The Shakti beats out the Honeywell-Rolls Royce LHTEC CTS-800...
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Second Nirbhay missile test likely by November

Following the partial success of the Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile on its March 12 debut test, the development team has managed to identify the glitch in the inertial naviation system (INS) that forced them to push the kill button 17 minutes into the flight, following a perfect launch sequence.
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Rs 8,000 crore ICV upgrade plan on

The proposed ambitious upgrade of the Indian Army's entire fleet of infantry combat vehicles (ICVs) was fleshed out by Defence Minister A.K. Antony in Parliament recently. "Based on operational requirement, the entire ICV fleet of the Indian Army is being modernised to enhance their capability," Antony said.
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May 18, 2013
IAF for new assault rifle

The Indian Air Force is looking for a modern assault rifle for its special units (Garud), that should be compact, foldable, easy to carry, handle, operate, simple to maintain and with high range. The requirement joins a raft of tenders already active for other weapons including assault rifles for the Army...
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Indian Army for SR-UAV

In an effort to augment its fleet of tactical surveillance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the Indian Army is on the lookout for an unspecified number of short range UAV (SR-UAV). The Army currently operates a small fleet of IAI Searcher Mk.2 drones.
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March 12, 2013
Breaking News:
Mixed success: Nirbhay maiden test stars well, ends with abort

The much anticipated maiden test of India's long-range cruise missile, Nirbhay, ended mostly in disappointment today, with the programme...
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March 06, 2013
HAL to present UAV vision to Home Secretary

HAL will shortly be making a presentation to Home Secretary R.K. Singh on a proposed national plan on UAVs for internal security threats and cross-border terrorism. HAL recently carved out a separate UAV wing...
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Missile export push by DRDO?

After Defence Minister A.K. Antony's push for the BrahMos to be inducted by the Russian armed services, India's DRDO has renewed efforts to draw up a robust export plan for some of its systems...
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M777 deal to be signed soon

A long-delayed deal for 145 M777 ultra-light howitzers is to be signed shortly between New Delhi and Washington. India first expressed interest in the BAE Systems gun over 7 years ago in January 2006.
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March 05, 2013
Breaking News:
Nirbhay cruise missile to be tested on March 10?

The secretive Nirbhay subsonic cruise missile could be tested for the first time on March 10 at the Integrated Test Range off Odisha's coast.
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Army, CPMF, Police forces evince interest in NAL SlyBird MAV

While the ADE Imperial Eagle gets set for customer trials, a corresponding development, the SlyBird MAV by the National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) has already garnered a reputation for itself as a field ready platform...
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March 04, 2013
Defence Budget cuts could impact modernisation?

The nominal hike of just five per cent in the Indian defence budget to Rs. 2,03,672 crore brings the country's defence budget to its lowest percentage of GDP in the last three decades...
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Imperial Eagle MAV ready for user trials

The Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) has unveiled the hand-launched fixed-wing mini UAV Imperial Eagle, and invited potential users to give the platform a test. The Imperal Eagle, with an all-up weight of 2.9 kg and a wingspan of 1.6 metres...
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Beretta PX4 and ARX-160 on offer to Indian Army

The legendary Beretta of Italy is expanding its presence in the Indian market in a big way, and demonstrated this with a sizeable presence at the recent Aero India show in Bangalore. While the company has several different weapons on offer to the Indian...
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Pinaka MBRL test-fired

An advanced version of the operational Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher system (MBRLS) has been tested a number of times over the last few weeks on the country's east coast ranges.
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Finally, Indo-French SR-SAM programme takes off

After years in discussions, the Indo-French 'Maitri' short-range surface-to-air missile (SR-SAM) programme is ready to be concluded. During the recent visit of French President Francois Hollande...
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In a first, Army orders 20 Cheetal copters

After years of diffidence, the Indian Army has ordered 20 Cheetal helicopters from HAL in a deal worth Rs. 418 crore. The choppers will be delivered over the next four years. "HAL will also provide training to the pilots and technical crew.
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AgustaWestland fall-out over other deals?

The VVIP helicopter controversy could impact or delay other ongoing acquisition programmes of the Indian armed forces, already nervous by the potential repercussions.
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January 28, 2013
Russian Helicopters banks on 197 copter deal

On the back of two significant losses in the Indian defence space—the IAF's heavylift and attack helicopter competitions—Russian Helicopters Co. will be focusing all its energies at Aero India 2013...
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Indian Army for UAV missile simulator

The Indian Army is in the market for a mission simulator to train UAV crews in operating IAI Heron and Searcher Mk.2 surveillance UAVs. The Army has stipulated that the UAV mission simulator should be capable...
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MBDA back with a bang at Aero India 2013

European missile house MBDA has always had a solid presence at Aero India, and this year it's back with full force once again. The company says, "At Aero India 2013, MBDA will again demonstrate its unique status...
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Missile men honoured by GOI

In an affirmation for the country's missile programme, three top missile scientists were honoured this year by the Government with Padma awards. DRDO Chief Dr. Vijay Kumar Saraswat, Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri...
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India's longest range missile debuts at Republic Day Parade

While the Indian media usually dissects the weapons platforms that China puts on display during its ceremonial days, the tables turned this Republic Day...
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Certified and ready, Indian Army to receive 1st weaponised Dhruv

In a significant milestone for Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, the first Dhruv (Weapon Systems Integrated)—Dhruv-WSI or Rudra as it has been christened—will be certified...
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December 26, 2012
DRDO brainstorms with private sector for heavy gun

In the process of conceptualising a new 155mm/52cal towed artillery gun, the DRDO has officially kickstarted proceedings by roping in the private sector to brainstorm. A three-day discussion session in Pune from October 29-31 was organised...
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